The Energy Helpline Switch, also known as collective switching, is powered by people. This service is where Energy Helpline use the power of the group to access exclusive, market-beating energy rates. The value of a group is much greater than an individual, so Energy Companies compete to get your business and offer exclusive deals. 

How it works

Energy Helpline customers have saved money on their bills through our collectives
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Energy Helpline Switch FAQs

How much will I save? 

The amount saved will vary from household to household, but our partner Energy Helpline has seen switchers save up to £461* on their annual bills. We use that as a good indicator for club members, and it’s based on several months of data. When we know the deal, we’ll be able to give you a personalised savings projection.

Is this really free? 

Yes, it’s really free. The whole process is free, from registration through to switch. Of course, you’ll still have to pay your energy bill afterwards - we can’t help with that!


Am I obligated to switch at all?

Absolutely not. You are not committing to anything, you are just registering your interest. All it means is that you get to hear about an energy deal that won’t be available on the open market. If you want it then Energy Helpline can get you switched without interruption to your supply.

Can I join no matter where I live?

Yes, almost! The only exception is Northern Ireland – where Energy Helpline are unable to organise switching deals. Also you can invite your friends and family - as long as they register they will hear about the deal too.

When will I get the offer?

Registration closes on the 16th June 2020, and Energy Helpline will start offering their favourite deal from the 17th June 2020. It should be available to club members for around 3 weeks before the supplier takes it away.

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ˆ10% of customers switching their gas and electricity suppliers with energyhelpline (and their partners) between 1st Jan 2019 and 30th Sep 2019 saved £461 or more.

Save up to £461 on your utility bills* 

by joining the free Energy Helpline Switchavailable to Boundless members 

Register here with Energy Helpline quickly and easily before midnight 16th June

Energy Helpline will do all the hard work finding the best suppliers and tariffs on the market with the power of the collective

They’ll let you know how much you can save from 17th June

You decide if you would like to take the deal